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I-Span is built on the following assumption; technology is fundamental, dynamic, and creates opportunity … especially for the little guy .
We offer our “clients” (businesses, entrepreneurs, and consultants) a focused approach to developing the opportunities and the resources necessary to grow business and execute on good ideas.

I-Span specializes in providing technical and process solutions that help our clients overcome operational inefficiencies, geographic obstacles, and/or time limitations.
I-Span uniquely capitalizes on relationships and forward technology to provide our clients with tailored solutions to overcome such obstacles.

We call this process – Virtualization.  See our “M3” approach.

Supporting Solutions Include:

  • On-line Collaboration
  • On-demand Reporting
  • Web Presence
  • Field Office Support
  • Technology Training
  • Low-Cost Growth 
  • Work Flow Management
  • Marketing Communications

Some Benefits Include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Better Decision Support
  • Better Control of Field Offices
  • Increased Operating Flexibility
  • More Efficient Communication
  • Improved Coordination
  • Improved Access to Customers

Our unique approach brings the best combination of “value based resources” which allows any endeavor – large or small – the opportunity to utilize the correct combination of available I-Span Resources in the areas of Project Administration, Management and Development to support and build your business with efficient and cost effective resources. More Information about our services

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