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IT/Consulting Packages:
I-Span offers a value driven, time based, IT package solution that includes bundled services, ongoing at a flat monthly rate.

This solution gives the client total flexibility in meeting various IT needs without the complexity or cost of trying to integrate several diverse IT strategies into one. These services can include a vast array of web, network and consulting services.

Gateway: Extend Your Reach

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. However, if your business is not positioned to take advantage of those opportunities – they will do you little good.

I-Span will help you seize revenue-generating opportunities by providing the following services that will allow you to gain access to new markets, customers and sectors – both domestic and abroad:

• Marketing and Communication
• Strategy for effectively communicating your organizations message using available tools
• Support of the acquisition of new business, RFI’s etc
• Strategic relationships with key partners
• Prospecting – identification, screening and pipeline building
• Presentations development and delivery (in person and electronic)
• Proposals development and delivery (in person electronic etc)
• Contracts preparation and execution

V.O.S. ( Virtual Office Support ):
In today’s business climate - productivity, efficiency and leverage are all key factors for business success. I-Span can help put your business processes online allowing your people easy and effective tools to work from home or on the road.

Remote Management:

I-Span will provide online collaboration tools to help your organization effectively manage field operations.

These tools will allow real-time access to operational status including reports, scheduling and managing of individual, and event coordinators.

Location Support:

I-Span consultants and partners will offer a variety of products and services to support your virtual office.

• Field Office Support
• Site Survey
• Equipment Coordination
• Set-up/Tear-down Networks
• Internet Access
• Support of Deployed Resources
• Education & Training
• Low Cost Growth

Overall Web Presence, email Management, Web Design, Hosting, Development, Deployment and Maintenance..

On-line Collaboration:
Shared Calendar, Tasking, Meeting, Expense Reports 
On Demand Reporting:  Integrated Database Functionality – I-Span will set-up and support ( See our M3 approach)

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